Events at your hotel - Fire up your meetings

Try Archery and Team Challenges


When the meeting is getting a bit intense step into the hotel gardens, pick up a bow and ping some arrows at the target beating your colleagues at archery is a far better option than the alternative -and more productive.
Alternatively when the workshop or training is drawing on a little; spend an hour in a gently competitive activity completing some of our many team work tasks and return to the training room awakened, refreshed and smiling.
Archery and Initiative challenges are our top choices for quick pick the team up exercises that take only a short time and reignite your meeting, workshop or training event. They can be run at almost every hotel and conference facility or very close by.

Get-me-Out-of-Here... in the garden!

Coaxing flames to life, using a knife correctly and cooking your own lunch out of doors is the game here. It’s great fun available to anyone old or young, able or otherwise; all working together towards a common goal while learning new skills along the way.
We can run these events almost anywhere so you can integrate it into a 2 hour lunch break (with lunch) mid event or spend half of the day working together in a completely different context. There is something for every one to contribute; critical pathing and delegation, to cooking and making the tea, construction and shelter building right through to the one who just likes to chop wood up.
In the hotel grounds, on the side of the lake, in one of our woodland venues, as part day break or combined as a full day adventure, bushcraft is one of our most popular activities for teams to do together.


Get Adventurous: Up-High or On-the-Water


We can literally bring climbing to you with our mobile climbing wall - right to your carpark - any where in Cumbria and beyond. But wether you are beside Windermere or Coniston, Keswick or Kendal there is always a venue not far away.
Rock climbing is a challenge both physical and mental to get up the obstacle facing you, its also a team challenge, often the first person does not make it but as the organisation learns solutions are found and together a recipe for success is found and success become more likely.
A great benefit of holding your event in the Lake District is any venue is in close proximity to water so why not make use of it to energise your team with one of our team focused watersports option.
For a mix of collaboration, competition, friendly rivalry, excitement and splashing around it has to be raft building. Start with some basic resources and a quick lesson in some basic skills and get to work on building your own craft. Can you build it faster and better than the competition? Are your ready to show confidence in your decision making and commit to testing your product on a deep lake?