Team Building Events - Fun activities for all your team

Go for It - A fun competition in three phases


1- Select who will do which challenges (puzzling, main or cunning) to maximise the score
2 - Pit the teams skills against the initiative tasks to earn a head start in the finale,
3 -Head to head competition with the other teams....winner takes all!.
Lots of opportunities for teamwork, laughing, networking... and possibly a little cheating!
A very popular event suitable for team members of all ages. (approx. 3.5 hrs)

Tea on top of the would - group picnicking

Nip out to lunch at on the the Lake Districts "top spots" actually on top of a Lake District Mountain, with panoramic views of the Southern cumbria, Bowness and as far as England's North west Coast.
Sound tiring? Its not that hard; about 30 minutes stroll with our leaders from the car park (10 minutes drive from the Lakeside hotel, 20 from the Bowness Hotels) we’ll guide you up the mountain with a choice of rocky scramble or easy walk.
For most people it’s a comfortable half hour to the summit from where you can take a further stroll along the tops enjoying the views. Once there enjoy one of our posh picnics before wandering back down from one of the most impressive dining venues your tam has ever visited. (approx. 2 hours)