Team development Journeys - in the Lake District

Leadership & Team Learning Experiences


Every adventure story involves a journey from one place to another.
Particularly popular amongst those running apprentice program and those studying professional skills at the beginning of their career journeying is recognised as a key tool for development. It's not just for those starting out though, professional development journeys can have a profound effect on established groups and can bring some deep changes for those groups that need profound help - perhaps as part of major change management strategies.
The Lake District and Cumbria is an ideal venue for this uniquely adventurous experience. The hills are friendly enough to allow all to take part without extensive training and the environment is spectacular.

Responding to change (1 Evening, 2 Days)

The overcoming challenges journey is full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns. By the end of the course the group (3-7 people) will have traveled by foot, water and bicycle, found obstacles in their way and won hard earned resources for the team.
This course is designed for young professionals, newly forming work groups and groups needing wide gambit building up. Participants sent on the overcoming challenges course return exhausted but full of stories; stories about overcoming, stories about learning from errors, stories about thinking strategically and stories about success through effective team work.
The groups are in the most part presented with a series of challenges by the instructional team but interact very little in terms of facilitation - the achievement is to feel that the challenges have been met by the group.


Reflections - New chapters with your team


Reflections courses are outwardly simpler than overcoming challenges type journeys they involve an extended period of travel - often 2 overnights. The chosen method of travel may be novel and the accommodation unfamiliar at first however the environment remains stable throughout and the group members soon forget about the new situation and have the opportunity to look inward and speed deeply to the other members of the group.
This is a facilitated course and the facilitator will travel with the group and help to the opening up process and effective conversations to flourish through a variety of reflective activities.
This course is ideal for organisations going though deep change or recovering from a setback where what is needed is open honest and distraction free conversation. The act of moving through the environment literally makes it easier to leave things behind and look to where you are heading.
Traveling may be by canoe, sailboat on foot or horse, the journey will be comfortable if not easy. Start a new chapter in your team going forward.